The Fine Art of Sand Animation by Mark Demel

About Mark

The first time Mark saw sand painting on the internet years ago, his heart was leaping and his jaw hanging open. As a life-long artist (illustrator and painter), his fingers itched at the thought of giving it a try.

After having a box built, he crammed three days for his first event - an Easter service at a church. The response was nothing less than overwhelming. 

In combination with a moving soundtrack - the images find a way in the "back door" of peoples' psyches, and can become more than a series of cool pictures, sometimes they touch people's souls in a mysterious and wonderful way, rekindling the belief that anything is possible.

Sand painting is one of the ways Mark shares his ablility to see things in a fresh way. As an illustrator/actor/cartoonist/writer/creative consultant, he stretches himself and those around him to find an answer that is fresh and simple at the same time - the best kind of solution.
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